Anthony Trister Online Marketing: How a Writer Can Become a Coffee Shop Millionaire

Do you have the ability to write a decent 400-500 word article? If your answer is a yes, then you can take advantage of that skill. One does not necessarily have to be a genius to become a blog or article writer. All you need is the ability to construct grammatically correct sentences without spelling errors, and make sure that your article is interesting to the reader.

Back in the old days, writers could not take advantage of their skills. Even if they have written good books, it can be really frustrating just trying to get their works published. Although they may be able to present their work to a publisher, the chances of getting rejected are high. Meanwhile, those who may pass the publishers’ standard, get their works published, but the royalties they earn from the sales are not really that high. Not enough to make it as your main source of income.

Anthony Trister Online Marketing

The presence of the Internet and available technology has given a venue for writers to hone their craft while earning money. They get involved in various online marketing strategies. The best part of it all, they do this at the comforts of their homes, or while sipping their coffee at their favorite coffee shops. Writers like Anthony Trister are able to write several articles in a day and get paid a hefty sum of money, making him a coffee shop millionaire.

You may wonder how can a writer earn a living with the articles he writes. A writer can have two options – write for other marketers or establish your own business. Anthony Trister online marketing picked the second option. The tools needed are very basic, a laptop and a decent Internet connection. If you are confused where to begin, just take it easy. Putting up a blog is the easiest way to start. In your blog, you can publish your portfolio and market some products that you may want to sell.

Bloggers can actually use blogs for posting product reviews and put up affiliate products for sale. Google adSense is also a good source of income. Just register an account with the Google adSense and follow instructions on how to put up ads within your blog. Just make sure you do not click on your own ads as it is a clear violation of their policy an this can get you banned from their advertising program. Once your blog becomes famous, you can actually sell some advertising space.

Anthony Trister Online MarketingAnother option to make an income as a writer is by writing e-books or being a ghost writer for clients that you can find online. A lot of Internet marketers actually need help from writers. They have products to sell, but do not have the skill to write.

Nevertheless, if you wish to optimize your opportunity for earning from your articles, Anthony Trister Online Marketing can guide you on the proper creation, distribution and marketing of your articles.

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